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With the idea that we need to EAT WELL and LIVE WELL, so we can BE WELL, we must choose how we want to BE and adjust our EATING and LIVING to fit that life.

Busy professionals and recreational athletes must work to find balance fitting everything into their schedules. With all that needs to be done, it is often difficult to also find time to plan meals and snacks, grocery shop or even make a healthy meal. These activities are usually some of the first things people delete from their busy lives. When putting eating, more specifically healthy eating, as a priority, people find that they have more energy to “get it all done.”

Whether you are a busy professional or a recreational athlete, after working with Shelley, you will find that eating healthy is easy, affordable and doable no matter where you are. You will also have more confidence in your food choices, will not be told to not eat certain foods, and are happy that you are still eating “your” way – just better. Shelley wants to help you find balance: you will feel better and have more energy so you can "fit it all in."


When you eat better and healthier, you feel more healthy, confident and energetic and are able to carry this into your work, your family and your relationships. Shelley helps you create a nutrition plan that is easy and affordable and with foods you love to eat. Learn more about how Shelley can help you.


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When you eat better and healthier you feel more fit, healthy, feel good and successful, ideally without injury before, during and after your event (whether it is your first or fifteenth sprint triathlon, half marathon, century or anywhere in between). Shelley helps you create personalize nutrition plan to help you fuel you fitness and are able to manage your weightLearn more about how Shelley can help you.


Dieting is a temporary way of living. Shelley promotes adjusting what you are doing now to be healthier. Making drastic changes for a quick fix doesn't work for the long-term; small changes that you can live are what you should work on so it will help you continue with achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle for the rest of your life.

With over 13 years experience, Shelley is a recognized expert in the field of nutrition and of helping people like you adjust their busy, hectic lives to fit in healthy eating, physical activity and enough sleep to become healthier. Shelley knows firsthand about the challenges of doing this with a family, going to school, a full-time job, volunteer work, all the "extras" and trying to squeezing in “me” time. She practices what she preaches.

Shelley cooks at home, but loves to eat out; she hated P.E. in high school and now bikes and runs. Shelley is a Registered Dietitian who has worked in worksite wellness with groups and individuals on many lifestyle topics related to nutrition, weight management, stress management, and work life balance. Learn more about Shelley.

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