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This is an online/virtual program: 25 DAYS focusing on 5 AREAS of your diet for 1 HEALTHIER YOU right from your email in-box

What is the New Year Reboot? 

The New Year Reboot is a virtual program delivered to you on-line

In this program you focus on specifics parts or areas of your diet that many people have the most difficulty with. 

When you join the New Year Reboot, you are no longer one those people. 

Case-in-point: 95% of my clients really need to increase their fruits and vegetables consumption. Most of us just do not get it all in. So, one of the 5 areas is focusing on what, how and when to get your veggies in. You choose your veggies. But I help you get it done.  

In this program you will: 

  • Focus on one specific area of your diet every 5 days (5 areas over 25 days, so a new one every 5 days). We all work together on working on the same thing at the same time. Example: We are all working on getting more veggies over the same period.  
  • Get a list of foods to choose regularly based on the focus area for each of those 5 days. Example: You choose the veggies you like, skip the ones you don't or can't eat.  
  • Get "Worksheets" with details and suggestions on how to implement each of the 5 areas. Example: When to have your veggies throughout the day; how to integrate them in various meals and snacks. Hint; not all at once.  
  • Get emails providing tips and reminders on implementing suggestions, selections and overcoming challenges for each 5 day period. Example: Challenge of the day - try something new. 

Over the 25 days of the program you WILL be: 

  • Eating throughout the day. 
  • Eating a variety of foods based on your personal choice. 
  • Making your own food choices.
  • Enjoying eating out or socializing with other without feeling deprived.

Over the 25 days of the program you will NOT be: 

  • "Dieting" 
  • Restricting (unless you find it absolutely necessary due to food sensitivities or allergies).
  • Putting any foods in the "off-limits". 
  • Saying "I can't eat that." 

Program Begins Tuesday, January 16


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Shelley Rael

Shelley is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist focusing on health, wellness and disease risk reduction through diet and lifestyle. 

Feeling that NO ONE should be deprived of foods they want to eat, Shelley works to get people eating all of the foods they NEED so they can enjoy the foods they WANT. 

Eat, Live, and Be Well