• What do I get?  

    The Personalized Meal Planning Subscription program includes a weekly plan that includes recipes for three dinners, the grocery list for all ingredients.  

    Each Friday you get your new plan for the week. You can then “schedule” your meals to fall on specific dates that weekend or the following week.  

    If you get a recipe that you are not interested in, you can “swap” if for another one that is part of your personalized plan.  

    You can scale or batch cook recipes to match the needs of everyone eating the meal for that day.  

    The meal plan comes with a grocery list for the entire week and can also be divided by the recipe/day.  

    You can get an email in the morning reminding you of what is for dinner that evening (based on what you scheduled) and double check that you have all your ingredients for that evening's meal.  

    Your new meal plan will come each Friday so you can plan, shop and cook over the weekend or at least plan the following week.  

    You save time by skipping the searching for recipes that meet your needs and are healthy and making grocery lists which can be several hours a week.  

    You save money by cooking and eating at home more often and potentially having lunches the next day.  

    You save the stress by having the searching, the planning, the list making, and the reminders all done for you.  

    Does this include food?  

    No, it does not include food.  

    It includes the recipes (which you can scale or swap), scheduling the meals so you can plan ahead and a grocery list that you can customize.  

    You buy your food and make it yourself.  

    Why will I only get three dinners? I want breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I want more days.  

    You can get more than three dinners. The Personalized Meal Planning can be created for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinners for up to five days.  

    The menu for multiple meals per day for more than the three days can be overwhelming. The grocery list can be over 100 ingredients with this plan.  

    We recommend and provide a menu with three dinners for the first four weeks. If you want more meals and/or days, you can just ask.  

    What if I don’t like something in the meal or one of the recipes in my weekly plan?  

    You will be able to, on your own, choose a different recipe or swap an ingredient in your recipe. For example, if a recipe calls for kale and you don’t like kale you can substitute that for spinach. Or just choose a different recipe altogether.  

    If you choose a different recipe, only recipes that fit your profile will be available.  

    If you have indicated your allergens and specific restrictions, there should not be any of those foods in your plan.  

    What if I don’t have much cooking experience?  

    In your Meal Plan profile, you can indicate your cooking skill level such as beginner, intermediate or advanced.  

    What if I eat differently than my family?  

    The meal plan is set up for YOU and is looking at the information you provide in your Meal Plan profile. However, if your partner/family/other household members eat considerably different than you, they may need to have their own profile and subscription.  

    Can you make a meal plan that is low-sodium?  

    Yes. By default, the meal plans are set up to average less than 2,300 mg sodium per day. If you have been prescribed a lower amount, you can indicate that on your Meal Plan profile.  

    Can you do a specific diet like Keto or Paleo?  

    The Personalized Meal Plan does not currently accommodate trend diets that. You can, however, customize to 20 specific food avoidances such as legumes, soy, beef, shellfish and more.  

    Can you do gluten-free?  

    Yes, one of the specific avoidances does include the avoidance of gluten  

    Can you accommodate my allergies?  

    Most of them yes. The Meal Plan can accommodate the most common allergens such as fish, soy and wheat. However, it cannot always consider allergies such as a specific allergy to strawberries for example.  

    Do you do vegan meal plans?  

    Yes. When you fill out your Meal Plan profile, indicate you are vegan. If you are semi-vegetarians (or the many variances of vegetarianism) indicate that in your Meal Plan profile.  

    Is this a weight loss program?  

    It can be set up to promote weight loss. This is a meal plan that you can use all the time. If you do want to lose weight, then you will indicate that when you complete your Meal Plan profile.  

    Does this work for people with diabetes?  

    Yes. We can make a meal plan to consider both types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Just let us know in your Meal Plan profile.  

    What health conditions can you accommodate?  

    As of now, we currently ask about 20 health conditions or stages of the life cycle. This includes anemia, celiac disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart failure, osteoporosis and more. We can also take into consideration pregnancy and lactation needs.  

    What if my health condition changes?  

    We ask about your health conditions in your Meal Plan profile. If something changes, let us know right away so we can update your profile to reflect that.  

    We will also ask about any changes to your health and weight every couple of months.  

    What if I do not have a “health condition”?  

    The “default” diet recommendation is always given as a “General Healthy Diet”.  

    What if I find out I am allergic to something after I have already created My Meal plan profile?  

    Just let us know and the very next meal plan will reflect this new revelation.  

    Can I suspend for when I go on vacation?  

    As of now, a new meal plan is sent to you each Thursday. If you will be on vacation or unable to use your meal plan for that week, you can delete the email with that meal plan.  

    Can I cancel?  

    Of course. Notify us within 5 days of your next payment and you will not be billed. Once you cancel, your account will be deactivated.  

    Still have questions. Let us know by contacting us at info@ShelleyRael.com