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SIX-weeks of Personalized Meal Plans for $347

Dietitian Created. Balanced Meals. Personalized for You.

How it Works

Each week, on Friday for six weeks, you will receive a Weekly Menu of THREE dinners, the recipes and grocery list. 

You can rearrange your meals to fit your weekly schedule. 

You will have the option to receive emails to remind you of "prep ahead" and grocery list reminders. 

Next Steps*

You will receive a link to a questionnaire to help me personalize your meal plan including information about: 

  • Household dietary preferences
  • Food preferences
  • Family members (optional for scaling recipes)
  • Health Conditions 

Shelley Rael

Shelley Rael, MS RDN, Registered Dietititan Nutritionist and Nutrition and Wellness Expert 

I help people have more energy using food and physical activity with my proprietary nutrition blueprint tools and processes.

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