• Free 15-Minute Discovery/Clarification Call

    How do I know if this is right for me?   Simply by answering yes to 3 or more of these:

    • You are feeling tired and low energy even though you feel you are eating healthy.
    • Weight loss used to be your primary goal/focus, but now health is your primary goal/focus.
    • You would love to release some weight, but this isn’t the priority.
    • You are not really looking for another DIET, but a way to eat for your health.
    • You see the latest diet trend but are no longer interested in jumping on the bandwagon. You are done with that.
    • You’ve heard of this “non-diet” approach to eating but aren’t sure if it is for you – since you don’t know what it is like to eat healthy without dieting.
    • You are reading information on the internet on how to eat for your health, your age, your condition and are overwhelmed.
    • Maybe your doctor said you should address your blood pressure or you are at a “pre” stage such as pre-diabetes or pre-hypertension?

    Congratulations, you are still reading, so my guess is you answered yes to 3 or more of the statements above.

    The next step: Simply click on the button below (or wherever it is) to schedule your 15-minute consultation to further explore how I can help you. During this call, we will discuss what your health goals are and how I can help you reach them.

    By the end of the consultation, you will know if this program can help you and we will then schedule next steps (or something like that).

    Click here to schedule your call. I look forward to connecting with you!

    * Please note that I do not accept Insurance. If you have credit/debit card linked to a health savings account, my services may be covered. Check with your health savings plan. If your plan needs an NPI from me, I can provide this.

    ** Depending on your health condition, we may be able to work together to help prevent and reverse it. Some conditions are not reversable but managed with diet and exercise. If you are newly diagnosed with a health condition (such as diabetes, PCOS, IBS, SIBO for example), I will refer you to a specialist to help you.

    *** Not everyone is compatible, and I want you to get what you need from me. If I am not what you are looking for or I am not the person who can help you, no problem. And, I may know a professional who is better equipped to help you. We specialize in different areas.