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Eating is Not Cheating

Ditch Dieting and Start Eating

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Shelley Rael helps busy people have more energy with food and physical activity so they can enjoy more of life without guilt. No supplements. No gimmicks.

Shelley Rael

Shelley Rael, MS RDN Registered Dietitian Nutritionist 

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  • Instant access to the 30 minute webinar. 
  • A companion worksheet to go with the webinar to complete while listening/watching. 
  • Learn that the “right” way to eat is a myth
  • How to eat with less guilt now.  
  • You learn that you can eat ANYTHING you want.  
  • BUT, ANYTHING you want does not equal ALL that you want.  
  • When foods, or anything, is considered off-limits, then we tend to want it even more.  
  • To learn more about how to eat without guilt, get on-demand access to this FREE.