• The Quest for Energy – Dealing with Low Energy in a High Energy Environment

    When people talk about food and how it affects us, people will often think about weight first. Then perhaps how it affects our health. But people don’t usually make the connection with how or what they eat having related to their energy level.

    Learn how getting enough energy, the right type of energy or have the right timing of our energy can help with the afternoon slump and even dealing with the dreaded alarm clock. 

    The Balancing Act: Managing Self-Care and Work-Life Balance

    For many of us, our home life is not an escape from work, but it is our other office or even our actual office. The line between our work-life and our home life are often blurred. Many of us have different roles and activities, such as home maintenance, being a caregiver, volunteering, hobbies, school, and even the side-hustle.

    So, how can we take care of ourselves when we have this perception of a chronic lack of time? It is so important that we implement self-care techniques to make sure that we don’t burn out.

    Eat, Live, Be Well – 9 Things to Optimize Health Now

    There are so many things coming at us virtually every day on what we should or shouldn’t do when it comes to optimal health. Focusing on three areas of wellness and specifics within those areas, we set up a simple plan of action to eat, live and be well today to be well tomorrow. 

  • Build or create a series of topics for your group. 

    Additional topics in nutrition and wellness including:

    • stress management 
    • chronic disease risk management (such as diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure)
    • fueling fitness
    • dietary supplements
    • weight management

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  • Shelley has presented in front of large groups for over 20 years.

    Speaking experience includes: 

    • Conference keynotes
    • Workshops
    • Breakout sessions
    • Facilitation at business/corporate retreats
    • Worksite/corporate wellness presentations/series
    • Guest speaker for students in medical school, pharmacy school, nursing school
    • Guest speaker in graduate and undergraduate college classes
    • Adjunct/part-time faculty at three colleges/universities

    Audience sizes range from 10 - 500

    Shelley's favorite format is when she can interact with the audience. 

    Additional Media Experience:

    Shelley has television experience with live and taped stories on all local affiliates - ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC.

    Stories related to major nutrition and health news, nutrition, health, and wellness tips. 

    Appeared on local talk radio shows in iHeartRadio and GoLocalBoom.

    Voiced PSAs for Fuel Up to Play 60

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