Customized Nutrition Blueprint Assessment next steps to get started: 

Customized Nutrition Blueprint Assessment

What you get with your Customized Nutrition Blueprint Assessment

  • An estimation of how much energy you need each day to support your goals - health, wellness, fitness, weight management and more. Calories are energy, so this is really and estimation of how many calories you need each day. THIS IS NOT calorie counting but getting an idea of how much energy you NEED to support your body and all you do every day.  
  • A plan of action on how to fuel YOUR day right based on your schedule. So, you share the information about your "typical" days as much as possible.  
  • To help customized the blueprint, I take into consideration your likes and dislikes and your non-negotiables when it comes to food. Always have popcorn at the movies or go out for lunch on Friday's? Let me know.  
  • You receive your BLUEPRINT based on this information. The blueprint is a map or framework for eating - a plan of action. For example: lunch would say "protein, grain, fruit and vegetable" rather than peanut butter sandwich, apple and carrots. This way it can be implemented no matter what you are.  
  • Additional tools and resources such as a what is a protein, a grain, etc.; how to eat when traveling; dining out tips and how to eat to support physical acticity. The personalized meal plans will begin the week of your Customized Nutrition Blueprint delivery to your in-box. 
  • You will receive SIX-weeks of a meal plans that includes FOUR dinners each week. Additional meals and snacks may be added after the SECOND week.  

This works for everyone whether you a vegetarian, have allergies or food restrictions, or an existing medical condition.*

This is done virtually: you share your information and answer questions electronically to give me the information to create your Customized Nutrition Blueprint. Once I have your results, we discuss how to implement them. 

*While I am a medical professional, since I do not have access to your medical history, it is imperative that you disclose your medical history or risks for me to give you the best possible recommendations. Examples of this include, but are not limited to diabetes, insulin-resistance, history of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure/hypertension, migraines, heart disease, stroke, cancer, high cholesterol, digestive disorders, allergies, or eating disorders. All information shared with me is confidential and only considered to make nutrition/food recommendations. 

Customized Nutrition Blueprint Assessment 

Value of the Customized Nutrition Blueprint: $894

Current Rate: $497

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Next Steps to get started Customized Nutrition Blueprint Assessement

Once you sign up and pay for the Customized Nutrition Blueprint Assessment you will get an email with links to two questionnaires: 

1. Information needed to estimate your energy needs and your goals. 

2. Your typical days and your dietary preferences.  

These can be done separately. Be as honest and forthcoming as possible to receive the most accurate information about your estimated energy needs. 

With your typical days - you don't have to give me your hour by hour schedule but try to be specific. If you are working most of the day, tell me what kind of work you do. From real estate agent, truck driver, teacher, lawyer, or administrator - this helps give me an idea of whether you can stop and have quick snack or lunch vs being in a vehicle or being in front of people when you can't just eat in front of a group. 

Shelley Rael

Shelley Rael, MS RDN, Registered Dietititan Nutritionist and Nutrition and Wellness Expert 

I help people have more energy using food and physical activity with my proprietary nutrition blueprint tools and processes.

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