Customized Nutrition Blueprint Assessment

Customized Nutrition Blueprint Assessment

Give yourself sustainable energy naturally.

The Customized Nutrition Blueprint Assessment helps you have more energy through food and physical activity.

Using YOUR information to determine YOUR energy needs. Using YOUR food preferences to set up a plan-of-action to work with YOUR schedule and with YOUR life.

Personalized to YOU.  

 No supplements. No stimulants. No gimmicks. 

Does this describe you?

  • Are you tired or OVERWHELMED with of all the nutrition advice flying by?  
  • Not sure what to believe, or more importantly, what is right for you?  
  • Should you cut carbs like your friend?  
  • Eat caveman style like your co-worker?  
  • Go "keto" like everyone else on social media?  
  • Go vegetarian even though you really like a burger now and then?  
  • What is right for YOU?!  

Too many times people try a new diet and end up quitting because it is so difficult or restrictive.  

And the WORST? You are sick of the rules and are exhausted because of the LACK OF SUSTAINABLE ENERGY

Customized Nutrition Blueprint Assessment

What if there was only one style and size of jeans? What if there was only one make and model and color of car? What if there was only ONE television channel?



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RESULTS from the Customized Nutrition Blueprint Assesement

By doing the Customized Nutrition Blueprint Assessment, together we create a real-living nutrition blueprint customized for YOU that gives you sustainable all-day physical and mental energy.  

You have YOUR OWN blueprint. You are your own person, so we create something that works for you.

Your blueprint works any time and all the time. At home. Eating out. On vacation. Through any holiday.  

Your blueprint works whether you are a family of one, two or several. If you are vegetarian. If you have dietary restrictions. You are a picky eater (not a judgement - but something I can relate to). 

Once you complete the assessment, you get a plan-of-action, a frame-work, a BLUEPRINT of how to set yourself up for sustainable energy all day. 

No menu plans but plans of action. 

No lists of off-limits foods, but good, better, best choices for when you are choosing foods. 

No temporary ways of eating, but a way of life

Customized Nutrition Blueprint Assessment will give you usable blueprint and plan of action you can implement immediately. 


Once you are ready to get the Customized Nutrition Blueprint Assessment, here is what happens: 

  • We determine how much energy you need each day to support your goals - health, wellness, fitness, and ore. Let's be honest - how many calories you need each day. This isn't calorie counting, but a way of assessing how much energy you NEED to support your body and all you do every day.  
  • We look at your schedule - your week days, your weekends, your workdays, your evenings and everything. Are you a morning exerciser, non-exerciser, or an on-the go fit--it-in-when-you-can exerciser? We must fuel the day right, so we need to have an idea of how to set up your blueprint. Even if your days are different, we can set the blueprint up to accommodate those days.  
  • We take into consideration your likes and dislikes and your non-negotiables when it comes to food. Whether you hate to cook, like to eat out or even if you hate bananas or LOVE meat - we work with it.  
  • Then you take your blueprint and implement it immediately.  
  • Included in the blueprint is 6 weeks of the personalized meal plan.
  • Additional tools such as a menu planner, suggested grocery lists, and "good-better-best" food choices. What you need to go with you blueprint.  
  • This is done virtually - information shared electronically - and with phone-calls or video chats. This is a total approximately 4 hours.  

Shelley Rael

Shelley Rael, MS RDN, Registered Dietititan Nutritionist and Nutrition and Wellness Expert 

I help people have more energy using food and physical activity with my proprietary nutrition blueprint tools and processes.

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