• One of the aspects of wellness is our SOCIAL WELLNESS. This refers to personal relationships you have with others and how you relate and connect with others.

    Having positive relationships gives you support and connection.

    You can have a few close relationships or several times that. Having someone you can reach out to when you need help, or they KNOW you are the person they can reach out to as part of social wellness.

    While things are different right, now because we cannot literally get together for a coffee, lunch, or drinks with friends like we used to, we can still keep up with our social connections by sending a text or video message to say “Hi, I’ve been thinking of you. I hope you are doing well right now.”  

    A phrase that is new this past year, is “social distancing.” You know you have heard it dozens, even hundreds of times. What the public health experts really mean by this is, physical distancing.

    Stay socially connected while staying safely physically distanced.

    Support your social wellness this week by reaching out with a text, a phone call, or a card in the mail to one person each day this week. Just to say, “hello.”

    And, on the flip side be okay with those relationships that were challenging to maintain and let them go.

    This was previously part of the 12 Days of Wellness 2020 – emailed to participants of that holiday email campaign in December 2020. Additional posts about the dimensions/pillars of wellness continue each Wednesday for six weeks.