• Back in the Saddle – #Finally

    I am trying to remember the last time I went to the gym…

    It wasn’t this year. And, if I had to guess, it’s probably been about a year.

    The gym membership isn’t for everyone.

    For some of us the “gym” just isn’t our thing.

    So, we do things outside like walk, run, or bike.

    And we have the equipment in our homes such as videos and apps, resistance bands and dumbbells, steps and balls, and even a barbell.

    Fitness Ball

    And then there is the “I walk my dogs every day” people.  

    But having the gym membership, the equipment and even darn good weather most days of the year may not be enough.

    You see, even though I have all of these things, the key is USING them.

    You see, even though I have all of these things, the key is USING them.


    I used to do these things. I ran races, was on a bike team and even did triathlons. I used to exercise even when injured.

    And now? I am one of the “I walk my dogs everyday” people. That’s it.

    Several years ago, I broke my foot while walking. While WALKING! Something I have done since I was about a year old. Not running, or exercising, or even skydiving. I was walking to my car.

    At that time, I was very fit. I had just finished a 16 week, twice weekly indoor cycling to prepare for the summer. I was registered for a local 10K less than a month later. I was going to do a couple of half-marathons later in the year.  

    And then this break. One in which I had to stop everything. The nature of the break made putting on a bike shoe painful, and even swimming was painful. I couldn’t do anything on this foot. As my recovery progressed, I tried yoga. Not good. There are many positions in which the foot goes into poses that were painful and I would be swollen again.

    After 6 weeks in a boot and another two weeks of being very careful about what was doing, I (mostly) recovered and was able to escape surgery, which was a real possibility. I was told by two orthopedists that my running was done. Unless I wanted to deal with a permanent injury.

    Suck it up and find another form of exercise.

    Or behave like a rebellious teenager and stop doing anything. Ever. Again.

    The motivation was gone.

    Boredom and depression happened.

    During the recovery, boredom and depression were real.

    While I have never been one who was able to mediate, I realized that my 30 – 60-minute morning run was my mediation. I would run first thing in the morning and continue with a morning routine and lead into a productive day. I would get lots done.

    And, then, even though I now had an additional hour or more of “free” time, it wasn’t used.

    I gained weight. I lost fitness.

    I got a dog to help me get back into moving regularly. We walked daily, until he was injured.

    He recovered. We got a second dog. And we still walk daily.

    But I have not gotten back into the routine of exercising regularly.

    Last year, I reached my peak weight. I was dealing with elevated blood pressure (discovered myself).

    I decided something had to change. I changed some eating habits and have dropped over 20 pounds in about 6 months.

    My BMI is back into the “normal” range as of last week. I could have been there before then, but I wasn’t checking it. The reason I know that the BMI is back below 25, is because I was measuring my body fat percentage, and the device also shows body mass index.

    Now, here I am six years after that hissy fit of being derailed from fitness and not yet doing something again. SIX YEARS! That is ludicrous. Go ahead and give the eye-roll and call me juvenile. I am not a fan of name calling, but sheesh, even I know this is ridiculous.

    I have excuses. I have two dogs, I am an entrepreneur, solo-preneur. I have become a grandmother. But really, even I know these aren’t the real reasons. Even though my boss can be a royal pain, she would totally allow me to flex my schedule to exercise.

    While I can pretend that I have a good excuse, I really don’t, and I never have.

    I have the gym membership and the gym is a 3-minute drive from home. Heck it is a 20-minute walk.

    I have the equipment at home. Right HERE.

    I have the outdoors with over 300 days of sun. And I still have a bike, that will literally need to be dusted off (and some new tires).

    So, what am I waiting for? Not Monday. Not this time.

    Whether it is going to the gym or utilizing the equipment I have or going outside to do something other than walking the dogs. This starts today.

    Because any day works just fine with implementing a habit.

    Who is with me? What will you do to get starting today?