• You have probably heard this in your life: “muscle weighs more than fat”.

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    Really now. This is NOT true. It isn’t. It just isn’t.

    Fat vs Muscle?

    What weighs more? Fat or Muscle?

    People will argue with me about this, I get push-back on this, but let’s look at this a bit more closely and it becomes obvious that this statement is wrong.

    A pound of muscle weighs one pound.

    A pound of fat weighs one pound.

    They are both one pound.

    Muscle does not weigh more than fat.

    Fat doesn’t weigh less. But let me make it clear.

    Muscle is a much denser tissue.

    Fat is a “fluffy” tissue. Okay, maybe not fluffy, if you’ve seen it, it’s not fluffy, but it gives you a visual.

    A pound of lead weighs one pound.

    A pound of feathers weighs a pound.

    But a pound of lead takes up less space.

    The pound of feathers takes up a lot more space. It is fluffy.

    When people say this expression, “muscle weighs more than fat,” that it is an incorrect, very inaccurate statement.

    Muscle takes up less space pound for pound than fat does.

    So, when people are changing their body composition, if they are gaining muscle mass and losing fat mass, the change is similar, losing a pound of fat, gaining a pound of muscle, but the volume it takes up, space it takes up in the body is very different. And certainly, having more muscle mass and less fat mass is going to be healthier to a certain extent; there is a limited return there.

    Let’s stop using this phrase. I’m on a mission to stop the use of this phrase, “muscle weighs more than fat”.

    Just because something is repeated, even by celebrity personal trainers, doesn’t make it true. So, think of me next time you hear that phrase and then if you’re so inclined, go ahead and correct them.