• On the first day: A partridge in a pear tree?

    If your true love gives you a partridge in a pear tree, then give your true love a kiss. Your pear tree is providing you a fruit low in calories, high in fiber and full of vitamin C. A medium pear is about 100 calories and has 5 grams of fiber (more than an apple).

    Pears ripen better after picking, and sometimes still need ripening after you buy them. Hard, unripe pears don’t taste as good as a ripe one, so have patience.

    With over 10 varieties of pears, just grown in the US, eat a different pear every day of the week! That’s a lot of pear trees!

    Serving and Eating Pears:

    A perfect accompaniment to pears is cheese like blue cheese and/or some nuts like walnuts or almonds. This would make a good snack since it combines the carbohydrates in fruit with the protein and fat in the cheese and nuts.

    Most people think of pears eaten whole or from the can (in its own juice or light syrup, drained), but they are good in many sweet or savory themed recipes. They are good dessert fruits (poached pears), good on salads (on top of greens with some candied walnuts), as a pizza topping (try it), or any variety of options. You can even serve it with partridge if you are so inclined… (They are in the same family as the pheasant and quail, and you can eat it).

    For pear recipes check out these sites:

    USA Pears – recipes, wine and cheese “pearings,” and more about how to ripen your pears.

    Food Network 
    – pear crisp, pear cider, poached pears, prosciutto wrapped pears and more! Partridge recipes here too!

    MyRecipes.com – desserts, salads, main dishes and more. There is a great recipe for Pear Mimosa for a twist on breakfast cocktails.

    MyRecipes.com includes the periodicals Cooking Light, Southern Living, Health, Sunset, Real Simple and more. To find healthier recipes, choose Cooking Light or Health publications in the left column.

    Enjoy your partridge in a pear tree. Don’t forget to wash your pears before you eat them.

    I have no affiliation with USA Pears, Food Network, MyRecipes.com or any of their publications.