• What are your FIVE Gold Rings?

    According to the Urban Dictionary, the expression “grab for the gold ring” is “to take a chance and reach for some goal or desire.”

    There are things in our lives that we often neglect or put on the back burner which decrease our healthy life and quality of life. Think about what you want to reach for in the next year, and consider these five things in your life:

    1. Diet: There are so many components to diet that it is difficult to choose one thing to set as a goal: more fruits and vegetables, balancing calories in with calories out, controlling portion sizes, and eat more plant foods (this includes beans, seeds and whole grains in addition to fruits and vegetables). What is one thing you can do to improve your diet?
    2. Exercise: Even someone who exercises regularly can neglect one component of exercise. For example, someone who loves cardio activities like running or biking can often neglect stretching or strength training. Or if you don’t exercise regularly, you could start. It is great stress management.
    3. Sleep: How many of us are sleep deprived? Fitting it all in often leads to less sleep. Going to bed late and getting up early. You’ve heard it before: driving sleep deprived is equal to driving intoxicated on the danger scale. We can’t think week when we haven’t slept well or enough. Our bodies, both physically and mentally, repair and “defrag” when we sleep.
    4. Time management: If you haven’t heard the expression “work smarter, not harder” then welcome. Working smarter and getting essential things done, and not putting off those things and watching The Closer or Dancing with the Stars. If you manage your time efficiently, you can catch your favorite show, but you will have your critical work done.
    5. Self-care or “me” time: Quiet time reading your book or magazine, or having the time for your one or two favorite TV shows or going for a massage is important. To reduce or avoid burnout, think of what YOU want and what you would like to do in a free hour or afternoon, and schedule it in your time. It makes you a more productive person for both yourself and the others in your life.

    What is your desire for yourself and how are you going to do it? What are your five gold rings? Reach for them.

    Four Calling Birds,

    Three French Hens,

    Two Turtle Doves,

    and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.