• Eat Like a Turtle Dove

    On the second day, my true love gave to me… No eating these birds today, but we should eat like these birds, somewhat. How so?

    Turtle doves eat primarily fruit and seeds. If humans, specifically those of us in the United States, ate more fruits and seeds, as well as vegetables, whole grains, and nuts, we would be a whole lot healthier as a population.

    Reports on how we are doing on this repeatedly find that both children and adults are still nowhere near the recommended fruit and vegetable intake each day. We, as a population, get plenty of meat, eggs, nuts, and grains, but not even close to the number of fruits and vegetables that is GOOD for us. (Fruits and vegetables contain fiber, vitamins, minerals and water and so much more.)

    Eat like the turtle doves and get more fruit. And be a healthier human and eat more vegetables too!

    Turtle doves also migrate from Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa to Africa each September. The next year they return home. That is some commute. I don’t suggest that we get our winter home in Africa, but we do need to get out and move more! Don’t hunker down for the winter, but make sure you get up and go and keep moving all year round.

    Two Turtle Doves,
    and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.