• Seasonal Programs

  • The 2017 12 Days of Wellness seasonal program starts Monday, December 4 and concludes on Tuesday, December 19.

    Each weekday over the 12 days of the program you receive motivational emails on nutrition, fitness, stress management and other lifestyle-related things to help you get through the hectic holiday season. 

    This is TOTALLY FREE! 

    All you do is sign up for the daily emails, read along and implement the suggestions in the emails to get you through this holiday season healthfully. (And cookies are still allowed!). 

    Sign up now and receive your first email on Monday, December 4.

  • Details coming soon! To get first notification of the New Year's Reboot starting January 2018, use the sign-up form below and you will receive an email with the announcement. 

  • Throughout the year I offer various short programs. These are 2-8 weeks long and are designed to help you with various seasonal challenges that may come up

    Seasonal Programs is offered throughout the year and varies by the season

    • 12 Days of Wellness - December (sign up now)
    • New Year Reboot – January (details coming soon)
    • 5 Weeks Sports Nutrition – prep for your run, cycling event or triathlon – spring and late summer
    • Spring into Wellness – March-April
    • Happy Healthful Holidays – November-December (program in progress)

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  • Happy Healthful Holidays Seasonal Program

    Manage your holiday stress and weight this season. 

    November 15 - January 3 

    $74 gets you in the virtual program

    Register now or click here for more information. 

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