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  • Is the season the reason you have more stress? And more weight? Do you convince yourself that it WILL happen and you can just “start over” in January?

    Why not put yourself FIRST during this holiday season and give yourself the GIFT of a happy and healthful holiday season.

    Join the Happy Healthful Holidays program to help you minimize stress AND minimize weight gain. 

    November 15, 2017 - January 3, 2018

    Just $74 gets you into the program. 

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  • While not everyone gains weight during the holidays (yes, it is true) and not everyone feels the added stressors of the pressure of getting is all done – LOTS of us DO!

    Many people say that stress and the change of routine this time of year is the major contributor added weight this time of year. They do “feed” into each other. But even if that isn’t the case for YOU, most people will experience some kind of added pressure during this time of year.

    Join the Happy Healthful Holiday program and implement tips and you will minimize weight gains, minimize stress and have a happier and healthful holiday.

    Happy Healthful Holidays will help you with stress management tips, exercises (both mental and physical) and nutrition tips to help you get through this hectic time of year happy and healthfully.

    And while we all KNOW that the holidays are only FOUR DAYS (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve) – who ONLY considers that way?  Seriously – we do have to PREPARE for those holidays before they happen. And some people have MORE than those holidays on their calendar such as other religious observances, holiday traditions, and birthdays. While not everyone celebrates all of the holidays, society certainly reminds of them and it everyone gets pulled into them.

    THIS program is not to add to the “to-do” list and stressors but includes easy to implement strategies and support to get you through this time of year Happy and Healthful. You get:

    • Twice weekly emails (Wednesday and Sunday) with wellness tips and mini-challenges to keep you moving towards happy and healthful.
    • A private Facebook group where you can share your challenges and tips with each other.
    • LIVE chats (in the Facebook Group) up to four times throughout the program. We can share what is working well in your holiday season and tackle your biggest holiday challenge.

    JOIN the program for just $74 and you are IN. Program emails start on Wednesday, November 15 with the last one on Wednesday, January 3 for a total of 15 emails and 4 Facebook Live chats (in the group) and the interaction of everyone in the program who joins the group.

    What do you do? You show up. Show up for yourself and implement ideas and suggestions in the program. Show up to apply new strategies to manage your stress. (Don't worry you do not have to go anywhere to join the program. It is all virtual.)

    What this program does not include:

    • NO suggestions telling you to skip the cookie exchange or the cookies.
    • NO suggestions to drink a “white wine spritzer” instead of your favorite adult beverage
    • NO skipping the pecan pie if you want pecan pie.
    • NO expectation of perfection.
    • NO expectation of ZERO weight gain, just minimizing weight gain.

    Register NOW for JUST $74

    First official email and program kickoff are Wednesday, November 15. 

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