• 10-Week Healthy Habits virtual program

    Are you tired of being told to NOT eat certain foods? Another diet with a list of “off limit” foods. A list of what you cannot do and cannot eat?

    Are you exhausted about the “right” versus the “wrong” way to eat?

    Another food trend is coming. Another fad diet is here. Is THIS the one that is for you? Will it WORK? The one that will really work. For good. This time. And what does it even mean, that it will “work”?

    The Eat, Live, Be Well 10 week healthy habits program is here to help you discover the WAY to eat that WORKS for YOU. For a lifetime. Forever.

    This is not your “usual” diet programs. This isn’t a program where you eat a certain way for a few weeks or a few months and then go back to your “old” way of eating.

    The Eat, Live, Be Well program help you develop and keep healthy habits with your eating and other lifestyle factors. Habits that you adopt for good so you can eat WHAT you want, WHEN you want for the rest of your life.

    The Eat, Live, Be Well program is about adding foods, not eliminating foods. It is about adding habits – not taking away.

    This program is about living to feel good – physically and mentally – with what you eat and how you eat.

    You CAN eat ANYTHING you want. But will you want to?

    Most often when people start adding the foods and sustain the healthy habits in the Eat, Live, Be Well program to their life, they FEEL better than they do now.

    People feel better and more energized when they develop HEALTHY eating habits and without having “off-limit foods” and a list of NO’s. There are NO cheat days because you don’t need them. Really – you can eat what you want any day of the week. We don’t worry about slips or having to get back on the program on Monday because this isn’t a program of rules. You have not done anything wrong.

    Eating is NOT cheating. Eating is one of the basic needs of life. We should not feel guilty about eating a food we like or a food we want.

    Through the Eat, Live, Be Well 10-week program you creating habits that work for YOU.

    You start to do things that make you feel good.

    You create habits that help you feel energized.

    You create habits that fuel your body and help you feel great on a day to day basis.

    We don’t say, “No, I can’t. It is not allowed on my diet.”

    We do say “yes” and “no” based on how you feel and whether you want or don’t want to.

    Over the 10-weeks of the Eat, Live, Be Well program we work together doing specific habits with the intention of adopting them for life. These habits help you create your own way of eating for a lifetime.

    Everyone is different, so you develop what works for YOU. If you are vegan – great! If you are a carnivore – no problem. If you have allergies – this program works. If you have food aversions – no gagging required. Travel? Eat out? Not a cook? It is OKAY. It will work for you.

    Look, we all have to eat. We HAVE TO. So let’s stop making it something we struggle with and embrace it now.

    In this program, you open yourself to letting go of the idea that foods are off limits. You must be open to working on the habits put forth and have the intention of keeping with these habits.

    You will not get a traditional meal plan, but a blueprint on how to build your personalized way of eating that will work in anywhere, any day of the week, any time of the year for the rest of your life.

    This is a virtual program that includes:

    • 3-5 emails per week that provide information on what habit to work on, encouragement and motivation.
    • Meal suggestions, not a meal plan, but a blueprint of how to get started and make sure you have what you need.
    • Recipe suggestions, that you can adapt for yourself and your own personal needs
    • Grocery shopping lists for what to keep on hand, so you are not stuck without the most basic things you need to keep you going
    • Videos from Shelley
    • Live Q&A sessions
    • Private group where you can share your successes and idea with others in the program
    • And more.

    The Eat, Live, Be Well 10-week program is offered in September, January, and March

  • Next Launch: January 16, 2018

  • You are invited to join me for the FREE 30-minute webinar introducing the Eat, Live, Be Well program: "Eating is Not Cheating – Dispelling the Myths of the 'right' way to eat and four things you can do right now to stop guilt about how you eat."

    The next "Eating is Not Cheating" Webinar is scheduled for early January 2018.

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