• Are we a right fit? 30 minutes - $79.00

    Not quite sure if we are right for each other? What to ask me some questions about how I can help you feel better through nutrition before moving forward? This 30 minute chat via phone or video will help you learn more about whether I can help you with your needs. We discuss what you are wanting to get from working with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and whether that is something I can help you with, how I can help you with it and move forward working together.

    Not everyone is compatible and I want you to get what you need from me. If I am not what you are looking for or I am not the person who can help you, no problem. And, I may know a professional who is better equipped to help you. We specialize in different areas.

    Click here to purchase this option and book your appointment with me. This takes you to my secure GetHealthie.com page. To ensure that you are booking through my secure page, make sure that the URL/Web Address begins with https://GetHealthie.com with the remainder of the address being my unique page. If it does not, please contact me directly.