About Shelley

Because Shelley has experienced the challenges of being a busy professional and recreational athlete while balancing a family and home life, she wants to help those with the same experiences and hectic schedules. When eating well by making small changes to how you eat, you too will be able to handle your day with more energy, confidence and feeling good rather than always run down.

When her son was in kindergarten, Shelley’s Mother’s Day card from him said her favorite thing to do was “study.” While this wasn’t necessarily true, it is what she did quite a bit.

Shelley obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition/Dietetics from the
University of New Mexico as a wife and mother working part-time.

She then joined UNM’s worksite wellness program for faculty and staff while finishing her dietetic internship and Master of Science in Nutrition at UNM. 

As a result, Shelley’s health-giving mission and passion for sharing her knowledge to help others has touched hundreds during the past thirteen years. She continues to work to help people “be well,” by encouraging them to adopt lifelong healthy behaviors, such as regular exercise.

Shelley, passionate about her exercise, has completed several half marathons, marathons, centuries and half centuries, and sprint triathlons.

In 2011 Shelley joined the Olev Rapido Cycling Team, (of which her husband is also a member) and plans to bring greater local awareness to the sport of cycling through her participation.

Shelley and her husband enjoy eating out, especially discovering great local food where ever they are, whether in New Mexico or when they travel; but they also cook at home most days of the week. As recent "empty nesters" they are adjusting to cooking for two instead of three.


Shelley with her husband at the
2011 Santa Fe Gourmet Classic


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